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Counseling Center

Our school counselor provides support to students – in groups and individually – in many ways throughout the year. We invite you to stop by to say hello or give her a call anytime!

Contact the Brentwood School Counselor: (509) 465-6225

Check-In/Check-Out:  Students can begin their day by stopping by the counselor’s office and check in about how they are doing/feeling.  They can also end their day by checking-out with the school counselor to see how their day went. If a student is having a not-so-good start to their day, the school counselor can help them figure out what’s going on so they can have a positive day at school. This is open to all students. If your child accesses check-in/check-out frequently/ongoing, parents will be contacted.

Small Groups:  A student may be referred by a parent, teacher or other staff member to participate in any number of small focused groups. These small groups work on specific social, friendship or academic skills, and run throughout the school year.  Parents will be contacted by the school counselor about a referral to a small group before your child would participate in one of these small groups.

Individual Time with the Counselor:  Counselors often meet with students on a one-on-one basis daily, weekly, or monthly, to help kids cope with a particular struggle that is interfering with their success at school, or to just provide support or encouragement.  This could be anything from completing homework, a family loss/change, or simple friendship issues.  This may be something the child requests help with, or through a referral by parents or staff, or as determined through a team meeting. The purpose of individual time with the counselor is to provide a higher level of support, and to help students be as successful as they can at school. If a child requests or requires frequent/on-going individual time with the school counselor, parents will be contacted about their child’s participation.

Parent Support: School counselors can also be a resource for parents – to help you support your child(ren) in their growth in school and out. In addition to helping your child at school, the counselor can offer assistance in solving problems at home (“What do I do when my child…”), in locating community resources (medical referrals, food, clothing, etc.) or accessing other community members. Please contact the school counselor anytime for any parent support that is needed.

Classroom Visits:  The school counselor may visit your child’s classroom during the school year to teach a variety of topics (academic, social/emotional or career focused). Topics may include (depending on grade level): friendship skills, problem-solving skills, safety skills, bullying prevention, and how to identify and cope with strong emotions. Curriculums that may be used are Second Step or Kelso’s Choice. The school counselor also visits the classroom to help provide support to children during class time.

Conflict Resolution with Peers:  The school counselor helps promote conflict resolution and problem-solving skills. Sometimes students have difficulties putting problem-solving skills into action. Small groups of students or individuals may request to meet with the counselor if they are having an on-going conflict with a peer/s. Teachers may request for the school counselor to see small groups of students for conflict resolution as well. All students may access the school counselor for conflict resolution help. If this becomes frequent/on-going parents will be contacted.

Again, if your child is referred to the school counselor for a higher level of support or skill building (e.g., small group settings or ongoing/frequent individual counseling), you will be contacted by the counselor to obtain parent permission. Please feel free to contact the school counselor for more information if you have any questions or concerns.

What do school counselors do?
School counselors can provide support for students and families in a variety of ways by offering individual work with the counselor, small groups, classroom guidance lessons and parent consultation.  School counselors are available to:

  • Provide support for families.
  • Provide parenting education and guidance.
  • Collaborate with teachers, parents and staff to improve student success.
  • Provide support for families, individuals or a school crisis.
  • Provide academic support and intervention strategies.
  • Work individually, in small groups or in classroom settings with students to teach skills such as:
    • Learning how to manage emotions and peer relationships
    • Provide friendship skills/support
    • Problem solving and conflict resolution/coping strategies
    • Appropriate social skills development

Belief Statement:
In alignment with the Mead School District Guiding Principles, Brentwood believes that every student is unique, valuable and worthy of respect.  School counselors collaborate with families, school staff, and the community to provide students with opportunities to achieve and be successful in learning. Brentwood believes social and emotional learning and support are an integral part of education and that all students are entitled to benefit from the school counseling program.

How to access the school counselor:
Students can access the school counselor by filling out a form requesting a visit. Forms are located outside the counselor’s office and can be returned there as well. Students may also simply ask their classroom teacher if they can meet with the school counselor.  Teachers, administrators or parents may also send students to visit with the school counselor.  If your child visits the school counselor on a frequent/on-going basis, parent(s) will be contacted.