Brentwood Elementary
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Brentwood Staff Directory

Office Phone: 509-465-6200     Fax: 509-465-6220     Attendance Line: 509-465-6287 (24hrs)

Principal: Justin Valentine 509-465-6210
Principal Assistant: Alicia Eckman 509-465-6233
Principal Administrative Assistant: Meghan
Bradley 509-465-6201
Building Administrative Assistant: Meg O'Neil 509-465-6202

First Name

Last Name

Job Title

Work Email

Phone: 509-465-

KalinArmstrong Physical Therapist 7600
DionneBaker 3rd Grade Teacher 6235
Brenda Barron Cook II 6215
DougBeckman 3rd Grade Teacher 6259
Laura Bennett Music Teacher 6237
Becca Bigelow Physical Therapist 7600
Meghan Bradley Principal Administrative Assistant 6201
Heather BrowerSpecial Ed Paraeducator 6200
Hayley CalhounEducational Specialist 7687
Barb Cannon Health Room Paraeducator 6234
Tracee Carroll 5th Grade Teacher 6239
Hanna Chaffin Kindergarten Teacher 6239
Darlene Claassen 3rd Grade Teacher 6266
Laura Davis LAP Teacher 6247
John Drake 1:1 Paraeducator 6200
Alicia Eckman Principal Assistant 6233
Stephanie Feist LITS 6262
Laura Fiske 1st Grade Teacher 6250
Jennifer Frase Resource Room Teacher 6261
Donna French Resource Room Paraeducator 6261
Beth Gil 4th Grade Teacher 6241
Lori Gravos Title I Paraeducator 6273
Tanya Gunther Title I Teacher 6273
Kari Hammond LAP Teacher (AM) 6247
Karen Hayett 2nd Grade Teacher 6252
Alan Hicks 5th Grade Teacher 6244
Brittany Hopkins Speech Pathologist 6264
Linda Hoskinson 1st Grade Teacher 6253
Linda Johnson Lunch Paraeducator 6263
Joni Justesen 4th Grade Teacher 6246
Fran King Kindergarten Teacher 6258
Colleen Kutz Resource Room Teacher 6268
Lacie Magers Resource Room Paraeducator 6200
Kendra Maly 5th Grade Teacher 6243
Scott Mayther District Tech 6241
Patricia McDermott Manager II 6215
Marty Miller 2nd Grade Teacher 6251
Sally Minnis ELD Paraeducator 6251
Heather Moore Title I Paraeducator 6200
Mary Moore 1st Grade Teacher 6257
Donn Nelson Teacher of the
Deaf & Hard of Hearing 7683
Kristine Nelson 4th Grade Teacher 6240
Meg O'Neil Building Administrative Assistant 6202
Kristen Palpant School Nurse 828-0801
Katie Patry Physical Therapist 7600
Suzy Pratt 1st Grade Teacher 6256
Mollie Reischman 2nd Grade Teacher 6255
Meghan Ross Kindergarten Teacher 6248
Katie Scott LAP Teacher (PM) 6247
Nola Sewell LAP Paraeducator 6247
Dusty Shaw 2nd Grade Teacher 6254
Fred Snyder SS Custodian 2 6267
Esther Staal 3rd Grade Teacher 6265
Mary Stoyko 5th Grade Teacher 6245
Cary Strate Occupational Therapist 6245
Kristin Swan School Counselor 6225
Becky Swenson Library Paraed/Webmaster 6214
Lindy Terry School Psychologist RR 7615
Jessi Thompson 4th Grade Teacher 6246
Roger Thompson PE Specialist 6237
Carla Toliver LAP Paraeducator 6247
Thereza Vahlstrom ELD Teacher 7600
Justin Valentine Principal 6210
Heather Warren Kindergarten Teacher 6249
Ron Wiese DS Custodian 3 6267
Leslyn Williams School Nurse  6234