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Programs Offered at Brentwood

All students visit the school library on a regular basis for book checkout, story time, information literacy skills and technology. The purpose of visiting the library is to encourage the enjoyment of reading for pleasure and obtaining & using information.

All classes come to library for 60 minutes each week. Third through fifth grades have one 60 minute class. Kindergarten through second grade have two 30 minutes classes. Students learn about digital citizenship, technology, literature and how to locate, evaluate, and extract information from a variety of sources. They also work on library assignments, have story time and check out books (grades K-2 do this the second time they come each week).
  • Instruction: The Library Information Technology Specialist (LITS) is responsible for teaching students critical thinking skills related to research, locating and evaluating information, as well as supporting students and staff with district curriculum initiatives and programs. Contact Mrs. Feist
  • Checkout / Library Materials / Overdue Notices: The library assistant handles material check-out, library fines, and day-to-day operations in the library. Contact Mrs. Swenson

Students may check out one to three books at a time, depending on grade level. They may visit the library everyday to exchange books. Materials for research and reports are often needed by intermediate students. Some reference books, such as encyclopedias and dictionaries, may be checked out for overnight use. Other materials are checked out for two weeks. A book may be kept longer by renewing it. Books requested by other students will be limited to one renewal.

Students are responsible for the library materials they check out in their name. Please caution them about sharing books without returning the book first. Replacements will be required for lost books and damaged books due to mishandling. Here are some ways you can help your child be responsible when borrowing library
1.     Provide a backpack, book bag or plastic bag to keep books safe and dry.
2.     Have a special place at home to keep books out of reach of pets and/or younger children.
3.     Help your child return books on time.
4.     Read with your child.

Our library staff is happy to assist parents and students with special requests about books, reading, and finding information. Parents are welcome to check out materials.
Music activities take place at various school locations in the district. Parents are responsible for providing transportation to the location of the activity. The students are bused back to Brentwood after music. There is no cost to the students for the instruction, but if an instrument is required, parents are responsible for providing it.
For more information, please contact Mrs. Bennett @ 465-6259 or

Before school from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
Choir:   Grades 5 & 6, two mornings a week
Beginning Band:   Grades 5, two mornings a week
Advanced Band:   Grade 5, two mornings a week
Beginning Orchestra:   Grades 4 & 5, two mornings a week
Advanced Orchestra:   Grades 4 & 5, two mornings a week
Physical education is a required part of the curriculum unless your child has a doctor's excuse. On days that students have PE, please make sure that they wear or bring appropriate athletic-type shoes. For more information, contact Mr. Thompson at

    The Resource Room provides specialized assistance for children who have been formally identified as having a specific learning difficulty. Students may come and go from the resource room to their classroom throughout their school day receiving specific help on their individualized objectives. Students may also receive services in or adjacent to their classroom. We strive to capitalize on your student's strengths and provide your student success in a supportive atmosphere. Students are taught in small groups or are worked with individually to reduce distractions and to provide more individual attention. It is important that skill development coordinate with classroom assignments and expectations.

    At Brentwood Elementary, a heavy emphasis is placed on the use of direct instruction materials for teaching reading, arithmetic and written expression, so that student learning can be solidified through appropriate repetition and reinforcement. Our Resource Room staff works hard to collaborate with general education teachers regarding students needs and services and we try to provide support to the general education curriculum as needed. In addition, social skill development (e.g. adaptive behavior) is also integrated with instruction as a key component of our program.

    In order to be eligible for special education services, students must be referred, tested and qualified based on current Washington State law. Testing is needed to determine if a child meets specific criteria for a disability and an Individual Educational Planning meeting (IEP) must be held to determine school and family agreement regarding special education services

  • LAP (Learning Assistance Program)
    The LAP (Learning Assistance Program) is a state-funded program which provides specialized academic assistance for students who are having academic difficulty in the regular classroom. Students qualify based on their academic performance.


    The purpose of Title 1 is to provide academic support to students who are not yet meeting grade level expectations.  Funding for the Title 1 program is based on the percentage of students receiving free and reduced-price lunch, however any student can be identified to receive support based on state and district assessments. 

    Brentwood's Title program serves K-5 students in math and 5-6 students in reading.


    The Quest program serves Brentwood students in grades 4 and 5 in an off-site pullout program. Fourth graders attend the program one full day a month, while the fifth and sixth grade groups attend one full day for three weeks each month. Quest activities are designed to stretch the creative, critical, and higher level thinking skills of students, while integrating multiple content areas. 


    For more information about the Quest program, please go to the district homepage. Click on the “Teaching and Learning"  tab at the top of the page.  Choose the “Quest” link.  You can also contact Brentwood’s Quest teacher, Suzi Slaton, at or leave a message on her office phone (354-6123).


Students with speech, language, voice and/or fluency disorders are seen by the speech therapist on a weekly basis. They are seen in groups of one to three students for 40-60 minutes each week, depending on the type of disorder and the severity. Students are identified for program through screening and teacher or parent referral.

Our focus on utilizing technology is directly linked to student learning targets and the State Essential Learning requirements. When used as a tool for learning, various technologies can provide students with research resources, communication avenues, word processing capabilities to enhance the writing process and a broad array of software support systems for learning purposes. Board policy #4900 speaks to safeguards and appropriate staff and student use of internet access. For more detailed information regarding this policy, please contact our school office.

Brentwood Elementary offers a variety of sports activities for boys and girls interested in after-school competition between the eight Mead elementary schools. Athletic competition is limited to 5th and 6th graders with the exception of track (one meet) which includes 4th graders. Other team activities (5th and 6th only) are soccer, volleyball, basketball, and track. Softball (girls) and football (boys) are offered to 6th graders only.