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Letter from the Principal


January 2018

Dear Brentwood Families,


We are off to a great start at Brentwood.  It is hard to believe that we are already a month into a new school year! I’ll tell you, when parents and friends ask me how the school year has started, I tell them how proud I am of our students and staff.  They have adapted to some smoky and rainy weather conditions which resulted in some unexpected indoor recess times, remained calm during a district wide modified lockdown, and have kept positive attitudes throughout it all.  


Just a reminder that school starts at 9:10 with our tardy bell ringing at 9:15.  Please help your child develop the habit of being at school on time.  I would also ask that you do not send your child to school to early.  Our crossing guards begin at 8:50 and playground supervision starts at 8:55.  We can not have children on school grounds unsupervised before these times. Thanks for your support with this.

As we begin the new school year, I want to remind you that Brentwood is a Title I school, which means that we have staff who provide targeted assistance to students who need additional help in the areas of math and reading.  Parents are always notified if their child has been selected to receive these services.  Our goal at Brentwood is to provide the best service and support to students, no matter their skill level.  

Conferences are just around the corner.  Brentwood will be using an on-line scheduling system called Pick-A-Time.  This website will allow our parents to pull up their child’s teacher’s conference schedule from a computer, phone, or tablet.  Parents with multiple children can schedule them all at the same time.  More information will be coming out soon on how to access the Pick-A-Time site and the steps to schedule a conference.  We hope this new method of scheduling will be easier for you!


“Attendance Matters!”  This is something you will hear me say throughout the school year.  Did you know that we have set a school goal of 80% of Brentwood students, K-6, attending school regularly (defined as missing 5% or less days) throughout the school year?  This shakes out to missing 9 or less days for the whole year, which is very achievable.  Please partner with us to help your children create a habit of attending school regularly.  

Finally, I just hope that you are able to get connected with all the cool things that are happening at Brentwood.  You should have recently received a link to our Brentwood Parent Calendar and Handbook.  If not, make sure that you have your most current email address listed in Powerschool (you can contact our front office if you need to update this).  This is the email that will receive SchoolMessenger communication about important events or alerts.  We also have a fantastic school website, Facebook page, and Twitter account.  Try to find what works best for you to stay connected with Brentwood.  


Thanks again for your support in helping us get off to a great start to the year at Brentwood.  We can’t do what we do without your support.  


Justin Valentine
Christine Spinnell