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Mrs. Stoyko's 6th Grade Student Newspaper

Mrs. Stoyko's 6th grade class published the first edition of their newsletter, "Brentwood Times." They have worked very hard in the library and during their free class time working on the articles. Editors, Miles R. and Lucy M. have done a great job of putting together their first edition. Next week, Mrs. Smith's 6th grade class will publish their first edition.
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5th Grade Early American History Photo Album

Click the link to see a photo album of pictures from Early American History Night. Thank you to Mrs. Maly, Mr. Hicks, Mrs. Carroll and all the support staff for this wonderful night. The students did an amazing job of their portrayals and we are very proud of them.
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5th Grade Early American History Night Video

Our students did an amazing job of preparing for their Early American History Night. This has been a tradition at Brentwood for many years and is always an evening we look forward to. A big thank you to our wonderful 5th grade teachers (Mrs. Maly, Mr. Hicks, Mrs. Carroll) and support staff who helped though all the steps of getting our students ready for their performances. Another thank you to Mrs. Feist for taking the pictures and putting together the video. Click the link to watch a video.
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Our 4th graders got the opportunity to see the movie "WONDER." The movie is based on the novel of the same name by R.J. Palacio. "Wonder" can open our eyes and hearts to lessons on how we should treat others - with kindness, compassion and love. If you ever desired to be a better person, this book/movie can help you start the journey!
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