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Field Day: June 12th

  • Comfortable outdoor play clothes with colors matching their grade level
  • Socks and tennis shoes
  • Brimmed hat or visor (optional)
  • Sunscreen (applied before school)
  • Water Bottle marked with student’s name

Each grade level has a particular color to represent their grade. This will make each grade level easily recognizable during the festivities. Please ask your student to have fun with the color for their grade level on field day. They may wear as much of this color as they would like as long as it does not interfere with their fun play and physical exertion outside.

Please remember the following items for field day:

Grade Level Color

Kinder – White

  • 1st – Green
  • 2nd – Red
  • 3rd – Light Blue
  • 4th – Red
  • 5th – White
  • 6th – Blue (“Yet” Shirt)
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