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Music Instruments Wanted

Dear Families,

It is my hope that all students have the opportunity to play a musical instrument. Playing a musical instrument and being a part of a team is very beneficial for social, emotional and intellectual growth. Mead School District has wonderful music programs that all students can benefit from. Orchestra starting at 4th grade, Band at 5th grade and Choir at 5th grade. Students can start at any grade thereafter.

Unfortunately, due to the rising costs of a musical instrument many students/families choose not to join. To allow all students the opportunity to try a musical instrument, I am asking families and the community to donate instruments to Brentwood Elementary to allow our beginning students the opportunity to try and be a part of our wonderful music programs. Donated instruments will be cleaned and serviced and assigned to a student to be used while at Brentwood. Northwood and Mead bands also are building instrument libraries to be used for students who wish to continue playing.

I am one of those students who benefited from the use of a “school” instrument. I found my love for music in public school. I am a music teacher today due solely upon the gift of an instrument in the 5th grade.

Please help if you can. Give all of our students the gift of music!


Laura Bennett
Brentwood Music
(509) 465-6237

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