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About Us

Practice safety - Act responsibly - Work together - Show respect

All parents and visitors must check in at the office during school hours. We ask you to do this to help ensure the safety of our children. Thank you for your cooperation.

24 Hour Absence Line 465-6287 

Brentwood Elementary School, part of Mead School District #354, offers classes for students in kindergarten through fifth grade. It's classified as being in or near a mid-sized city (Spokane, WA).  We have an approximate student population of 525. Students living in the Brentwood attendance area attend Northwood Middle School for grades 6-8, and Mead High School for grades 9-12. 

Brentwood School Summary from OSPI

Mission Statement
“Know every student by name, strength, and need." 

Brentwood's Shared Beliefs About Learning
(Always a Work in Progress)

  • We learn in a positive and safe environment where we feel supported, respected and valued.  In this environment, we have the freedom to learn from our mistakes and acknowledge our successes.
  • We are all capable of learning.  Prior knowledge and experiences are important in a dynamic learning environment.
  • Learning is an individual, cooperative and active process that involves practice, participation and interaction with the world around us.
  • We learn when expectations are clear, challenging and attainable.  Honest and sincere feedback is used to set learning goals and measure success.
  • We learn from positive role models who are supportive, enthusiastic and passionate about living and learning.
  • Learning is not confined to the classroom.  We learn through enrichment activities including the arts, technology, field trips and projects.
  • We are motivated to learn when we are given responsibility for our learning.  Learning takes place when we are able to make choices and evaluate the results.
Brentwood Scorecard - Click image for Printable PDF
First page of the PDF file: BrentwoodScorecard